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Artist-in-Residence, Spatula&Barcode

Spatula&Barcode // Sept-Oct 2016

food systems community research kitchen

spatula&barcode want to know how you "do" food 

Artists Laurie Beth Clark and Michael Peterson, along with an evolving team of collaborators, will be in residency at The Bubbler in September and October 2016 as part of their year-long project Foodways Madison, which is focused on building community understanding of food systems of all kinds, from food production to waste disposal, but also including our individual/family “food systems” --how we “do” food. The overall Foodways project includes partnerships with farmers, artists, the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art Triennial, and many units of the University of Wisconsin.

Come see them at the Food Systems Community Research Kitchen in The Bubbler to share your insights about food systems and to explore with us how systems big and small shape our food cultures. Spatula&Barcode will host open office kitchen hours each Saturday & Sunday in September & October from 1-5pm in the Bubbler. With more events peppered in the afternoons and evenings in October (specific dates TBD).

In September, the artists will be in residence to devise the research process in collaboration with the public. Joining them in the Bubbler throughout is Sigrid Peterson, and, for part of September, the Catalan arts group Nyamnyam. Nyamnyam is an arts collective based in Barcelona, Spain. Its artistic directors are Ariadna Rodriguez and Iñaki Alvarez. Nyamnyam (or Yumyum in Catalan) aims to promote creativity, knowledge exchange and culture by creating and sharing strategies to generate dialogue, creating a link between diverse forms of art, and using food as a vehicle to create relations and social contact between people.

Nyamnyam will be hosting open studio kitchen hours and interactive food experiences September 8th 2pm and September 17th at 1pm in the Bubbler.

In October, Clark, Peterson, and collaborators will put their community research plan into action over a series of events and open studio times in the research “kitchen”. What will we make together? Maybe a book, a blog, a podcast, a poster, an atlas, an essay--or maybe just some sourdough pancakes.

Open Studio Hours 

Saturdays & Sundays in the Bubbler from 1-5 

(excluding October 15th-16th & October 22nd/23rd) 


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