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Art Car Derby

The track is back!  Hello artists and makers.  The track is being dusted off and the flags are being ironed. Keep Bookin’ Deux will be happening at the March 4th Bubbler Night Light Event.  I am placing a call out to artists, makers, art centers, and community groups to create cars for this exhilarating event. Past racers are invited back.  New racers will fill up the roster.  There are spaces for sixteen cars.  The racers selected can receive prizes and their cars will be on display in the third floor gallery through April of 2016.  For those that missed the last race, the track is ten feet tall and 56 feet long. The cars straddle a 4-inch guide. The max scale is 5” wide, 6” high and 12” long.  The max weight is 4 pounds.  The cars must be gravity driven (no motors or gears).  They may be made of any media.  They may have bearings in the wheels.  The car must be themed after something that can be checked out at the library (book, movie, magazine). If interested in participating send me an email at Include a few sots of your art style and the size and number of members if a group group.  We will pick our favorites and let you know if you will be in the race as the date draws near. Participants of last years race are automatically in but must let me know if you will participate. Send this to anyone you think may be interested.  The race is on!  Justin Bitner.