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Artist in Residence Information

Thank you for joining the Bubbler family as an Artist in Residence!

Below you'll find some of the resources you might need during your residency including a timeline, best practices, and FAQs. Always be comfortable to reach out and ask questions. We are here for you! 


Timeline for Artists

Six weeks - two months prior to the beginning of your residency

  • Meet with Bubbler staff to review residency details (such as workshop ideas and themes

One month prior to the beginning of your residency

  • Return completed Artist Contract to Bubbler staff

Two - three weeks prior to the beginning of your residency

  • Finalize residency details and provide to Bubbler staff:
    • Dates, times, and descriptions of your workshops
    • Days and times of your open studio hours
    • Description of your residency (what will you be doing at the Bubbler?)
    • 3 - 5 images of you and your work
    • Biography and/or Artist Statement

During your residency

  • Publicize your workshops and residency!
  • Let Bubbler staff know of any changes to dates, times, etc.

After your residency


Our best facilitators have helped us come up with some key ideas to keep in mind while planning a workshop, but we are always open to new ideas and your personal flair! 

1. Make it hands on

  • We try to offer a hands-on experience at the Bubbler rather than just education or lecture, so keep in mind how much time you are talking vs. how much time people have to experiment and create. 

2. You are an expert!

  • Be confident! We are so excited to have you! Remember though that this might be someone's first time screen printing or coding, so explain the terms and techniques you are using as you go to build their confidence. 

3. Break it up

  • Some of the artistic processes we host are complex, so explaining everything at the beginning might be overwhelming. Think about how you can break the process down into 2 or 3 chunks as you are explaining it and working through. 

4. Show off your stuff! 

  • Having great examples of what people are doing to show people before hand. It will give them inspiration and help them visualize their end goal. 



How many workshops should I be planning in my schedule? 

- Typically we ask that our artists host 2-3 workshops per month of their residency.

- However, we are flexible if you want to only host 2 your first month and 4 your second, etc. 

- We also try and host workshops for a variety of ages, so keep that in mind as you are planning. 

What are the best times for workshops to reach the biggest audience? 

- The best times for adult workshops are in the evenings during the week. These can be 1 offs or a series, but we don't recommend a series longer than 3 classes. 

- For children and families, weekends during the day work best. Otherwise, afterschool on a weekday is smart too. 

- It is hard to have attendance for weekday, midday workshops unless you have a specific audience in mind. 

How much time should I be spending in the Bubbler each week? 

- We usually say 2 days a week, but it does not have to all in 1 chunk. So 2 evenings and a weekend day would be great. 

- When engaging with the public consistency is key. So keeping the same schedule week to week helps patrons and librarians know when to find you. 

- You are also welcome to be in the Bubbler whenever you like. Often it is used as a studio for the artist. Feel free to just set up shop!