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Hannah O'hare Bennett

MAY - JUNE 2018 RESidency

 Photo credit: ??????

Photo credit: ??????


Hannah O'Hare Bennett
 was born in Kansas and raised on a small diversified organic farm. After finishing a BFA in Printmaking at the University of Kansas, she had a career in sustainable farming, including a Peace Corps stint in Ecuador. In 2014, she returned to graduate school to work on an MFA in textile design at the University of Wisconsin Madison. She has exhibited work in several states, worked as a studio assistant at Penland School of Craft, and will teach sculptural papermaking at the Morgan Conservatory (OH) this summer. Additional residencies include Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts(NE), StudioWorks at Tides Institute (ME), and Tallgrass Prairie Artist Residency (KS). She currently lives in Madison, WI, where she maintains an art practice, works as a substitute educator, and contemplates her next move.   


Domesticated: A Fiber Arts Studio inspired by a Wild World
  Bigger, brighter, softer, piebald, cuter, tamer, sweeter, less spiny, more compact: these are some of the characteristics that plants and animals develop as they become domesticated by human beings. Think of the difference between your pet dog and a wolf. During this residency, we will create works of art inspired by nature and domesticated nature. Objects will expand or shrink, grow harder or softer, explode outward or bind shut, become evenly patterned or patchy, spikier or smoother or more noticeable or more camouflaged. A book will go feral, extending longer and longer over two months. Sewing pins will sprout strange vegetation and disperse across the walls, spreading like milkweed. We will make paper from plant material and old rags, learn embroidery patterns and then let them go wild, and much more.
The root word of domestication is domus, which means home or hearth.  This studio will reflect my own home, and I hope that visitors will be able to feel at home themselves. Make a cup of tea, bring a book or a project and nestle in for the afternoon. Additionally, this residency will emphasize reusing and recycling materials, but also conscious decision making around when new materials are the best choice.  


Papermaking Open Studios
Wednesdays starting May 9, 6-8PM
All ages, no experience required

Come and make paper to be used in one of the collaborative projects we’ll be making during May and June, The Longest Book of the Shortest Stories.  You’ll get wet and messy and learn how to turn fabric scraps and raw plant materials into sheets of paper to draw and write on. On these nights you’ll also have a chance to work on a collage, draw one of the objects in the studio, and create a custom pin for the other collaborative project, Dehiscence.

Adventures with Paper Pulp
Saturday, May 26, 9-12
Ages: 7-13
Register HERE, maximum 12 participants

We’ll make sheets of paper with embedded threads and other inclusions, make string and paper drawings, and use pre-made plaster casts to make small sculptures. This will be messy fun so dress appropriately.

Soft Sculpture
Saturday, June 16, 9-12
Ages: 7-13
Register HERE, maximum 12 participants

Make a small stuffed creature of your own design, using recycled fabric! We’ll start with a few drawing exercises and then move into designing a pattern and sewing. Participants will leave with a completed or nearly completed stuffed animal. If possible, bring a small sewing kit and fabric--no need to buy new fabric if you have old clothes or other unused fabric laying around.  Please limit fabric to non-stretchy kinds! We’ll also have supplies available. 

Domesticated Threads I: Embroidery
May 7, 6:30-8:30pm
Ages 15+
Register HERE, maximum 12 participants
Come learn ten stitches, basic and not-so basic. Then design a patch to decorate your backpack or jeans, or to incorporate into a project for the Domesticated Threads II workshop. We’ll make a good start on the project, although it’s unlikely you’ll finish completely during the workshop. Please bring an embroidery hoop (8 inches is best, but whatever you have should work.) Embroidery thread, small scissors, your own fabric and other hand sewing equipment would also be useful.

Domesticated Threads II: Sewing Small Containers
May 21, 6:30-8:30pm
Ages 15+
Register HERE, maximum 12 participants
Learn how to design and sew a small fabric wallet, cell phone case, lined Japanese style lunch bag, pencil case or other container.  It’s nice to take the first Domesticated Threads workshop so that you can incorporate embroidery into this project but it’s absolutely not necessary. If possible bring about a half yard of non stretchy fabric (could be from old clothes or other found fabric), thread, small scissor and other sewing equipment. This workshop will include optional use of a sewing machine.

Wild Threads I: Experimental Embroidery and Surface Design
May 15 6:30-8:30
Ages: 15+
Register HERE, maximum 12 participants

In this workshop we are letting go of all preconceptions about what embroidery is.  We’ll use weird threads, incorporate found bits of things into work, and generally forget about neatness.  Please bring small objects (anything! Don’t just limit yourself to buttons and beads--surprise me with new ideas), threads, rope, any kind of weird thing you think could be incorporated into a fabric. Believe me, we can find a way to work with almost anything smaller than your palm. Also bring some fabric--a half yard of something substantial would be great. As with all workshops, a small sewing kit is awesome, but not required. This workshop is a great way to build on the Domesticated Threads workshops, but it also stands alone.

Wild Threads II: Making Soft Sculpture Patterns
June 4 6:30-8:30
Ages: 15+
Register HERE, maximum 12 participants

Bring an object made of a hard material that you’d like translate into a soft sculpture.  It could be a fork, a stone, a radio, a carrot...almost anything will work.

We’ll start class by looking at a few soft sculptures and the patterns used to make them, as well as some artists that use soft sculpture in their work. Then we’ll use a variety of techniques to make the patterns--tracing, drawing, simplifying shapes, using a copy machine.  Bring a sketchbook and an open mind!

Wild Threads III: Sewing and Embellishing Soft Sculpture
June 11 6:30-8:30
Ages: 15+
Register HERE, maximum 12 participants

In this workshop, we’ll work on completing the piece you made the pattern for in the Feral Threads II. A sewing machine will be available (as well as some help using it.) We’ll also talk about a plan for embellishing your piece.

(SPECIAL 3-day workshop) Sculpting with Handmade Paperpulp and String

Friday, May 11 6-9pm, Saturday, May 12 9am-12pm and Sunday, May 13 1-4pm
Ages: 15+
Register HERE, maximum 10 participants

This is a really special opportunity!  Over three days, participants will learn to use paperpulp to make 3-D woven sculptures.  We’ll experiment with natural pigments, and different kinds of strings. Each person will make at least one wall hanging and a number of smaller projects.  This is a messy process--wear old clothes, an apron and shoes that can get wet. Bring geometric drawings (for ideas), an open mind, and a snack.



The Longest Book of the Shortest Stories
This is a very long coptic bound book. Visitors will be making paper during 6 different open studios to be used in this project. Participants are invited to take a sheet and write or draw or collage on it, and then leave it behind to be bound into an ever-growing book.  


This project is named after that tendency of wild plants to disperse seeds with no help from human hands--the most obvious example is milkweed. Hannah will have a collection of different fibers, paper bits and small objects for visitors to use to design a pin and add to a collaborative installation.  


Liz Sexe (July-August), Jacquelin Whisenant (Sept-Oct)

Call for Artist-in-RESIDENCE:

Applications for BUBBLER Artist-in-Residence is now open.
Deadline: May 7, 2018.

  The Artist-in-Residence program, connecting artists to the community and the community to artists, is funded by Scooter Software, Inc.

The Artist-in-Residence program, connecting artists to the community and the community to artists, is funded by Scooter Software, Inc.