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Bubbler Making Spaces


Expanding Maker education resources IN public schools

We are excited to join Madison Metropolitan School District and the Foundation from Madison Public Schools in supporting this innovative project fostering the our city's future creatives.

“We are delighted to support the Making Spaces initiative, Maker-centered learning can inspire students to excel in design, invention, STEM, and real-world problem-solving.” - Thomas Kalil, Chief Innovation Officer of Schmidt Futures.

"This partnership will provide opportunities and resources for not only our students but teachers to create spaces where students will gather to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials. This partnership and skills that our students will acquire speak directly to our district's vision for all students – that they will not only graduate but graduate with the skills and abilities to be successful in college, career, and community,” - TJ McCray, Director of Instructional Tech & Media Services MMSD

2018-2019 SChools

Falk Elementary

At Falk elementary, we believe all students should have the ability, opportunity, and desire to be agents in their life, community, and world. Agency is the ability to affect the world ina  positive way and make their life what they want it to be. With our dedicated discovery lab, we aim to give access to students , K-5 and families to experience all area of steam during REACH, classroom collaboration, and open schoolhouse.

We want to make student college, career, and community ready by experiencing different levels of collaboration and project based activities involving social emotional skill development. We will succeed when students, teachers, and parents have an understanding that all student are capable of expanding their thinking to create and explore.

Glendale Elementary 

At Glendale elementary REACH time in the Fab Lab is an opportunity for students to create, collaborate, design and tinker with both physical and virtual resources. The activities complement one or more of the STEAM disciplines to increase students’ engagement and opportunity with their learning of 21st Century Skills.

All Glendale students (K-5) have REACH class for one hour each week in the FAB Lab. FAB stands for Fostering Active Brains. In the FAB Lab, students will extend their understanding of concepts they are learning in science and social studies in their homerooms through hands-on, open-ended, student-led activities in science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

Hawthorne Elementary

At Hawthorne elementary, we believe that all children are creative. We will give them the time and space to tinker and explore, to develop their creativity and build confidence in a safe, collaborative community. Our children will work independently and cooperatively to design, build, create and grow in their understanding of how Maker Lab lessons can be applied to all curricular subjects. In learning to work collaboratively, they will gain skills that will make them college, career and community ready.

Making is a mindset, not a space.

Lake View Elementary

Lake View elementary, our makerspace is a place and a mindset where everyone has the opportunity to discover, create and reflect. Everyone’s passions can come to life through exploration and critical thinking. While engaging in the wider world, students will become leaders who share and teach others. Dream big!

Muir Elementary 

At John Muir Elementary School we believe that problem solving and growing as a learner happens when children are given time, an organized space, and a variety of materials to tinker and create. We are excited to introduce MITS - Muir Inquiry and Tinker Space - as an opportunity for all children to explore their interests and passions

The MITS program aims to make learning equitable, accessible, and fun while targeting a variety of subject areas. Every child needs opportunities to collaborate, problem solve, and share their strengths with their peers. Children also need time to reflect on their own learning experiences. MITS will succeed when all learners are engaged in problem solving activities as productive group members, communicate their thinking with their peers and reflect on how they can apply the skills to other curricular content.

Schenk Elementary

At Schenk elementary school, we believe that learning is a part of the journey of creativity.  We believe making supports engagement, on task behavior, and cements core learning.  Making can be simple for teachers and students. We believe making is a mindset, not a space.  We know that making comes from the heart of students and we are their guides.

At Schenk we make everyday. Our teachers have the heart of a maker, we are here to give them tools and resources.

O'Keeffe Middle School

At O’Keeffe Middle School, we believe that kids learn best through exploring and doing. We are a passionate and social justice minded community of learners and staff, and believe all children need opportunities to be creative and explore what they value.

At O’Keeffe, our makerspace class and after school clubs facilitate 21st century learning opportunities that allow students to grow their creativity, build confidence, collaborate around engaging and relevant problems, and explore their passions.Because we know that opportunities to solve problems, explore passions, collaborate with peers, get creative, and fail and regroup, builds confidence and leads to great thinkers and motivated drivers of change.

2017-2018 Schools


With your support, we will be able to equip our enterprising student media club and elementary broadcast journalists with actual film and sound equipment that matches their enthusiasm and supports their huge ambitions and personalized learning goals. We will also be able to engage our students in Wednesday Choice clubs around gardening, sewing, cooking, and woodworking providing positive ways our students can give back to their communities! 
Read more here!

Toki Middle School

At Toki Middle School, we thrive!

Building on our existing library maker space, we will expand our materials, but also our knowledge base through professional development for our teachers to incorporate making and learning across all disciplines. 


With your support, we will expand our maker programs and connect our students with the broader Madison community of makers through a new artist in residence program, inviting artists (and parents!) to share their craft with students. 

Each Wednesday, Whitehorse Librarian Ms. MC hosts 30-40 students in her after-school maker club, providing the opportunity for them to tinker, build, and explore. 

Franklin Elementary

We believe our school community - young and old - deserves the access and opportunity to be: empowered, collaborative, connected and, creative. 

We will design, take risks, make mistakes and solve problems.  Through play, tinkering, and experimentation, we will demonstrate critical thinking, make meaning, and share understanding in this space and throughout our school.



With your support we will continue to develop our collaborative studio space with an artist in residence program, providing opportunities for students to succeed when they are given the agency to be artists, inventors, and problem solvers. 

Huegel Elementary is excited to build on it's experiences with mini residencies with community members to give their students diverse experiences. 


With your support, we will build making and learning outside our four walls with field trip and internship opportunities to empower our students to discover new paths for their education. 

Capital High is hoping to support its students with opportunities through:

  • Artist residencies

  • Internships in industry

  • Studio workshops and recording