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Support Making & Learning in Madison Schools


Making Spaces is an exciting new partnership with the Bubbler at Madison Public Library, Maker Ed, the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, and Google to support maker education in public schools. 

The Bubbler is excited to introduce its six 2017 partners in the Madison Metropolitan School District and their ambitious plans for the future of making and learning in their spaces! Supported with professional development, planning, and community connections from the library, our schools are looking for community support and help in spreading the word about their new initiatives. 

We are excited to join MMSD and the Foundation from Madison Public Schools in supporting this innovative new project! 

Learn More about our school teams

Sandburg Elementary

With your support, we will be able to equip our enterprising student media club and elementary broadcast journalists with actual film and sound equipment that matches their enthusiasm and supports their huge ambitions and personalized learning goals. 


toki Middle School

At Toki Middle School, we thrive! Building on our existing library maker space, we will expand our materials, but also our knowledge base through professional development for our teachers to incorporate making and learning across all disciplines. Thank you for your support! 

whitehorse Middle School

With your support, we will expand our maker programs and connect our students with the broader Madison community of makers through a new artist in residence program, inviting artists (and parents!) to share their craft with students. 


Huegel Elementary

With your support we will continue to develop our collaborative studio space with an artist in residence program, providing opportunities for students to succeed when they are given the agency to be artists, inventors, and problem solvers. 

Franklin Elementary

With your support we will build on the wonder and excitement of our youngest learners by building our new community Wonder Workshop: A space where all students have access to and engage in authentic purpose driven tasks in Science, Tech, Engineering & Math.  


Capital High school

With your support, we will build making and learning outside our four walls with field trip and internship opportunities to empower our students to discover new paths for their education.