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Exhibition june-july 17

JUNE-July 2017

Diane Endres Ballweg Gallery (3rd Floor)

James Bellucci

In the series Anecdotes, I construct tableaus that communicate the idea of the constructed image that parallels the anecdotal style of the storytelling. Using lightweight materials such as paper, wire, found objects and cardboard, the constructed quality of the tabletop sets photographed reveals the embellishment of each story depicted, exercising my role as director for the viewer. Narratives are selected from my childhood and include passages from the Old and New Testament, as well as scientific texts explored in my adulthood. These constructed images seek to reveal the opacity of the anecdote, sharing my role as a storyteller that internalizes, subverts and re-contextualizes each passage of text.

In recent, the series Blueprints is a working concept to analyze the notion of human progress. In collapsing several technical drawings into a single surface, I seek to bring into play a questioning of both the benefits and downfalls of paradigm shifts in technology.

Bill Amundson

Bill Amundson is a Stoughton based artist who works primarily in pencil. His humorous portraits, landscapes and interiors deal with the vagaries of contemporary life in America, particularly as reflected through such distinct staples as the subdivision, chain restaurants, box stores, “branding” and political and celebrity culture. He also enjoys allusions to art history. His work has been described in various publications as “ironic, compulsive, delicate, irreverent, whimsical, masterful and banal,” which leads one to question the veracity of the publishing world.

Mr. Amundson has exhibited extensively throughout the United States and Canada, including solo shows in New York City, Philadelphia, Toronto, Los Angeles, Austin, San Antonio, Phoenix, Colorado Springs and Denver over the past fifteen years. He was featured in a group show on Humor in Art at the Kohler Art Center in 2010. His work is in the permanent collection of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, the University of Colorado Art Museum and the Denver Art Museum, where he has been included in six exhibitions since 1996.


The Memory Cloth circle

There are a million threads connecting our past and our present --threads that bind, that twist and tangle; threads that fray and even get lost.  Each of these is imbued with a memory, a feeling, a wish, or a regret, but all serve to weave our lives together.  The Memory Cloth Circle is a group of women who gather weekly to pick up their literal and metaphorical threads to share their stories creatively through hand embroidery and other textile art forms.  Group members sometimes work with reclaimed textiles of another era, such as handkerchiefs, dishtowels and napkins, and unfinished quilt tops, creating contemporary art while honoring the unknown stitchers who left earlier marks on these textiles. For this exhibit, the Circle has also created a collaborative work, “Truth”.






Call for Artists:

Central Library Art Shows applications are closed at this point. We will post another call for applications in the Summer of 2017.