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Exhibitions August-September 2017

October-November 2017

Diane Endres Ballweg Gallery (3rd Floor)



In this series, Duet, Mory's work has two distinct trajectories: one which focuses on non-objectivity and another which is psychedelic, surreal, influenced by comics and Max Fleischer cartoons, and filled with faces, ghosts and exploding heads. He like to think that he has two nearly parallel tracks for art-making. They are more than just two separate series though. They are the ways in which he express myself. Oftentimes Mory will go back and forth between the two. He'll work in one style and then switch to the other. Each style evolves on its own as well. He consider them less styles and more ways of communicating. Duet is the bringing together of each vein of work together into one exhibition. By placing both series’ together, the differences become apparent, yet the common vein of work, labor, craftsmanship and drawing are prevalent throughout.

second floor Gallery

Robert coberly

Allusions (the in between) 

On their long sojourns the French Voyagers had a simple diet . A large pot with a fire underneath was constantly stirred during the trip. Lard, dried yellow peas, and whatever game, fish, veggies, etc... Were mixed into the water. Soup or porridge was done when the spoon stood up on its own. In my case - it comes out in oil paint. After a dark age be of several years brought about through circumstances out of my control- these works emerged. A need to constantly change, to explore, to balance complexity - provide the base. Throw-ins can include anything; here it involves my early childhood fascination with industrial St. Louis of the early 1960's. Maps, the sky, spaces, and the realm of the "in between”. Other matters play in always; but what the viewer gets and brings in - is most important.

First floor Gallery

Taryn M. McMahon

Third Nature

McMahon use images of plants and architecture from botanical gardens to investigate sites and histories, highlighting the complicated cultural construction of an idea of “nature”. Like a DJ spinning sounds culled from disparate sources, the forms are remixed through the filters of printmaking, drawing, photography, and collage. This work imagines a future ecology in which the natural and artificial become intertwined and conflated in the face of unprecedented change.

The title of their current work, Third Nature, is a term coined by hacker theorist McKenzie Wark that refers to the current state of the anthropocene. The term “first nature” denotes nature untouched by human intervention – what we typically think of as “nature”. Wark asserts that we are in a new third state where “…Ecology is dead… There is no longer a homeostatic cycle that can be put right just by withdrawing. We are building third nature as the hyperreal.”1 This dovetails with my body of work, which uses images developed from digital photographs and drawings made at botanical gardens and other ecological sites to interrogate ways that these spaces project our own desires and fantasies of the natural world and our place within it. McMahon blends digital and hand drawn print processes to further explore how our interactions with the natural world are mediated through technology, and are thus fragmented and selective.

Site-specific INSTALLATION

Matthew Baird


what is the perspective
what is happening
which ideas decide that
are people paying attention
is attention paying itself
are these materials local
is spacetime still relevant
can i communicate with inanimate objects
who supports the cartoon network
would the stories reveal it
are they contemporary or ancient
how is your psyche's library organized
what is the underlying assumption
why so many gaps in the narrative
will the riddles repeat themselves
who relies on the answer
where is nature
where is nothing
how do we determine the boundary






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