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FAQ: Bubbler Program

  • What is the Bubbler?
    • The Bubbler is the name of Madison Public Library's hands-on programming model.  See this page for more information.


  • Where can I find a listing of all Bubbler programs?


  • How do I apply to present a program, volunteer, or show my artwork?
    • Visit our Connect page and fill out the appropriate form!


  • Are there any age restrictions for the Bubbler Room and Bubbler workshops?
    • If age restrictions are in place, it will be noted in the program description on our calendar.



FAQ: Media Lab


  • How much does it cost to use the Media Lab?
    • As is the case with most library resources, the Media Lab is FREE.


  • Can I use the media lab to work on a large project?
    • Maybe. You can come to our Project Consultation Hours (link coming soon) to discuss your idea with our media lab coordinator. 


  • When is the Media Lab open and who will be there to help me?
    • See the "Media Lab Weekly Schedule" on the Media Lab page.


  • How is the Media Lab staffed and what are their skills?
    • The library hired one full-time employee, with a degree in digital media creation and a professional background in video game production, to run the Media Lab.  The library also relies on many volunteers with professional media production backgrounds to run workshops and open labs.  While we do not have set requirements to volunteer in the lab, we do look for a broad range of digital production skills when interviewing potential volunteers.  
    • The hours and specialties of Media Lab staff/volunteers can be found on the Media Lab page under "Media Lab Weekly Schedule"  Hours and staff information are updated as needed.


  • Are there any age restrictions for the Media Lab?
    • All patrons under 13 must be accompanied by an adult in the Media Lab.


  • Do I need to go through training before using the Media Lab?
    • Anyone is welcome to stop in the Media Lab to learn more or create something, regardless of experience. Because the lab is staffed by experienced media professionals, we are able to provide expert guidance to everyone.


  • How does the library address copyright infringement concerns in the Media Lab?
    • We cover basic copyright information during most media production workshops, and we try to address situations on a case-by-case basis during open labs.
    • Please see the Digital Copyright FAQ for more information regarding how the library uses digital content created under the Bubbler program.


  • Do you place any limitations on the space and equipment being used for commercial ventures?
    • No, we do not limit commercial ventures as long as the creator is using original material.


  • How was the Media Lab funded?
    • The Media Lab was funded by capital funds from the Central Library renovation project.



FAQ: Digital Media created in the Bubbler at Madison Public Library

  • Why does the Library want to put my video online?
    • We’re excited about the amazing work being created in our Bubbler programs, and we want to share that excitement! Our websites and online platforms like our Vimeo site help you to share your work with people in the Madison community and beyond. We hope that the work we post online will inspire others to use their library as a place to create and share.


  • How can I get the Library to put my video on its website or Vimeo channel?
    • Everyday, dozens, sometimes hundreds, of people create art in the Madison Public Library. It’s impossible for us to share all of this work online. Library staff select works for public display based on quality, artistic merit, staff time, and the Madison Public Library’s Collection Development Policy. If you’d like us to consider posting your creation, please contact us at We have many inquiries and apologize that we cannot respond to each request individually.  
    • You can always share your creations online yourself! Check out platforms like Flickr for images, YouTube and Vimeo for videos, and SoundCloud for audio. You can also share your work using social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.


  • Why does the Library want me to sign a release form?
    • Whenever you make something creative (like a book, a painting, or a video) you automatically own the copyright to your work, which gives you the right to decide how your creation is copied and shared with others. Madison Public Library wants to recognize that you own the copyright to your work and confirm your permission to post your work online and in the library.


  • If I sign the release form and allow the library to share my work, can I still post that work on my own Facebook page, YouTube channel, etc.?
    • Absolutely! Our release form is what’s called a “non-exclusive license,” which means that we’re only asking permission to share your work. We’re not asking to be the exclusive distributor of your work, and we’re not asking you to give us the copyright to your work. That means that you can do whatever you want with your creation, including post it online and even sell it.


  • What if I change my mind and decide that I no longer want to the library to post my work?
    • We’ll take it down. Just send an email to with your full name and contact information and as much detail about the work as possible (including when and where it was made, its format and contents, and, if possible, a link to its location on our websites or Vimeo site). We’ll do our best to remove the work in a timely manner, usually within five business days.



  • Still have questions?
    • Send an email to