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Madison, WI


Future Primitive

Spring 2016 - a one night only pop-up art experience at Madison Central Library

Drawing is revolutionary.  This is so because great draughtspeople appear out of nowhere regardless of gender, class or background, and their talent is irrefutable. Where Drawing goes, there goes Art. Future Primitive is a group show that highlights the drawings of artists from a wide variety of art forms including, graffiti, tattoo art, fashion design, comic book, graphic novel based art, painting, and includes many of the most seasoned draughtspeople living in the Midwest today.  Viewers will revel in how a few lines jotted down on a napkin are the seed to a finished masterpiece, and how the blackbook sketches of a graffiti or tattoo artist are like a great Picasso ready to be hung in a museum.

-Over 30 Artists with backgrounds in Tattoo, Graffiti, Comic Book Art, Concert Poster Design, and Outsider Art displaying personal collections of drawings and sketches (including whole sketchbooks on display). Attendees are welcome to bring their own sketchbooks to share with the general audience and pass around. Attendees are also welcome to bring t-shirts to be signed/tagged/tattoo'd by select artists.

-Gabriel Carrasquillo Jr. presents: Foundations of Chicago Graffiti

-Short Film by Anthony Lewellen at 9pm. 

-Sound by Destructo

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Darius Agard, Jon Bass, Jason Boodoian, Tim Brenner, Destructo (Dan Woodman), Dustin Bredlau, Dred Ske (Terence Byas), Gabriel Carrasquillo Jr. (Flash), Diana Chu, Alice Ezrow, Cove (David Gonzalez), Benjamin Grzenia, Dave Gutkowski, Colin Holden, Mikki Jay, Danielle Jepsen, William J. "Bill" Krupinski, William Lee, Anthony Lewellen, Seneca Marks, Trent Miller, Chris Miscik, Sebastian Fonzo Napoli, Lesley Numbers, Jack Ozimek, Roberto Rivera Padro, Jeremy Pettis, Jeremy Pinc, Houstin Smith, Sammy Tark, Chris Theis, Fess Torres, and Dana Withers.