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Madison, WI

Media Lab


Custom Game Design PCs:  Designed by our Media Lab Instructor, these Dell PCs were specifically built for digital creation and utilize cutting edge video rendering hardware.  Software: Maya 2014, Unreal Engine, Adobe Creative Cloud.

Sound Booth & Digital Audio Workstation:  This station provides access to a professional grade recording studio setting!  Inside the sound booth you are able to record with no background interference and with plenty of room to sing, record spoken word audio, or play most instruments. Outside the booth awaits a Mac Pro and other sound equipment including sound boards, turntables, Zoom H2 recorders and an assortment of microphones.  Software: Pro Tools, GarageBand, DJ2.

iPad & Hand-Drawn Animation Stations:  The media lab is equipped with ReadyAnimator iPad stop-motion stations and hand drawn light box stations that make the animation process fun and easy for all ages and skill levels.  You may have seen these stations popping up around town in 2013 as we presented animation workshops and open labs in preparation for the new media lab.  Check out the Goodman Animation project for more details!  Software: Stop Motion Studio, iMovie.

Green Screen:  You've heard of a green screen, but have you seen our green wall?  The chroma key function allows you to replace the green wall with almost anything you can imagine.  Whether it's an image you created in our Photoshop class or your favorite exotic location, the green wall can take you there!  Software: Adobe Creative Cloud, iMovie, I Can Present.


  • JVC High-Def Camcorder:  Our JVC camcorder is the latest in a long line of professional HD cameras from JCV. With the new smaller form factor we are able to film in full high definition from a hand held size camera.
  • Canon 60D DSLR:  This camera is the top of the line for still images and DSLR form factor video capture.
  • Canon 70D DSLR:  Regarded as a "game changing" camera, the 70D was created for video capture using the DSLR form factor and is one of the most used cameras in the indie film industry.
  • GoPro:  The GoPro is the known as "The World's Most Versatile Camera", and with good reason! With a small size that can fit in the palm of your hand; the GoPro can be attached to a skateboard, a car or even your head! These tiny, yet durable, cameras are able to capture high quality footage in the harshest of conditions.