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Heather McCalla

Heather McCalla        Don't Slam the Trunk of the Fine German Car    2013   lath and plaster

Q. Is there a car underneath? 

A. No there is NOT a car underneath, though it is modeled of of the exact dimensions of that model car from that year.

Q. Is this piece made of recycled materials? 

A.Yes, it is made primarily of recycled materials. The lath came from a house out in Johnson Creek that was having it's interior stripped and remodeled. 

Artist Statement about the Piece

"Don't Slam the Trunk of the Fine German Car" is part of a body of work that explores the complex feelings, relationships, and memories associated with home and family. The piece uses reclaimed materials and traditional lath and plaster home construction techniques to replicate a full-sized, 1991 Audi 100. It was my very first car, which was handed down to me by my father when I turned sixteen. "Don't Slam the Trunk..." not only represents the memory of the car itself, but also the countless memories of childhood and adolescence that are associated with family car rides and the unique and exhilarating experience of learning to drive.