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Diane Endres Ballweg Gallery (3rd Floor)  

Gravity Shifts / Jeremy wineberG

Artist statement 

Gravity Shifts is an installation designed for the Diane Endres Ballweg Art Gallery at Madison Central Library. The imagery comes from a collection of stories about gravity: the feeling of gravity, the effects of gravity, how interactions and perceptions of gravity have changed, enlight- ened or weighed down our lives. The stories come in the form of personal anecdotes, experi- ences with and references to science and literature that where casually shared with me, mostly by people in my personal orbit, with some additional help from Madison Public Library Staff.

The most basic of forces in our universe, gravity is so pervasive that it is often taken for granted. It keeps us on the earth, moves the tides in and out, attracts one mass to another, and draws our attention to things that seem to defy it. As gravity binds us all together and tethers our planet to the rest of the universe, it entangles each of us, and our stories, with each other. This project is an attempt to reflect part of that entanglement.


DOUBTS / Rochelle martin

Excerpt from artist statement 

"Growing up is much like winter. What was once clean, pure, sparkling snow is soon marred and a bitter wind sweeps in that causes the bones to ache. There are moments when I wish I could let my past fall to the ground. There it would rest, soon to be buried beneath the snow, no longer visible even to me. But one’s past cannot simply vanish, and without it, I would not be who I am today. Doubts is a body of work that combines photography, video, and writing to tell a fragmented narrative of my life. It explores themes of growing up and transformation. Doubts is about the girl I once was, the religion I chose to walk away from, and the artist I want to become."


Garden of the forking paths / luke johnson


Artist Statement 

My work draws from the fluid and living archive of human history, and the ways in which we attempt to leave traces of ourselves for posterity. I am interested in the processes by which intricate systems of knowledge are built up and subsequently rendered unreadable, or discarded entirely. Each vignette explores the ideas of cultural amnesia and collective memory in an age where symbolism and imagery once taken for granted has been obscured, remixed, and exploded.


sculpture throughout the library

Rhea Vedro

Graham Yeager






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