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MakeyMakey How To


Remember a MakeyMakeys are circuits! 

  •  Computer as the Power Cell
  •  MakeyMakey as the Component
  •  You and the Banana (or any conductive object: water, foil, fruit, play dough) as the Switches.

 When you touch the banana, you complete the circuit and make the component react with your computer, moving Pacman right or left or rocking front and back in Dance Dance Revolution. 

But remember: You are part of the circuit. If your connection to the MakeyMakey isn't secure, you can't complete the circuit.

Hook it up! 

Attach the alligator clips to the holes in the board for the keys you want to operate.

Then connect the other ends to your conductive components.

Remember to hook the "Ground" alligator clip to YOU to complete your circuit! 

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