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MakeyMakey Something!


Start Small 

Make sure you've got the concept. Experiment with your MakeyMakey by making a table top controller. Remember, your alligator clips, need to be securely connected, and you need to have one of them attached to you somehow to complete the circuit! 

Check out this example!  

Think Bigger

Ramp it up! Can you make your controller HUGE so you have to operate it with your whole body? You may need to connect a couple of alligator clips together to reach! Make sure your connections are secure! 

Check out this example!

Make it More Complex 

Add a component or try to use the alphabet key controls on the MakeyMakey; they can be tricky, so watch your wire connections! Try using foil or wire when using the alphabet keys if your alligator clips are too small! 

Check out this example! Piano stairs! 

Game Bank!

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