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MakeyMakey Revolution

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Before you get your MakeyMakey, check out this How To Guide!

What is a MakeyMakey? 

Makey Makeys are little circuit boards which allow you to turn pretty much anything that conducts electricity into an external keyboard for you to run programs/games on your computer! 

What can you make with a MakeyMakey? 

  • Banana Pianos
  • Play-Doh Game Controllers
  • Gummy Bear Keyboards
  • Screaming Vegetables
  • Dance Dance Revolution Pads 
  • Fruit Flight Simulator

Any game, program, or website you operate with computer keys, you can operate with a homemade MakeyMakey contraption! 

Check it out! 

Feeling Musical? Check out this example! 

The Science Behind It!  

A MakeyMakey is a circuit.  Basic circuits work in circles of flowing electric current through electrically conductive materials. 

You need: 

  • a Power Cell
  • a Component or Lamp
  • a Switch 
  • and Cables that connect everything together.

If everything is connected correctly, when you flip the switch, the circuit is complete, and the lamp turns on (or the toaster toasts, the TV goes on, and the rocket launches). 

Is it conductive?! Test your knowledge!