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Making Spaces Maker Project Proposal

As part of the Bubbler’s suite of support for our Making Spaces partnership schools, we invite our participating partner schools to submit ideas of Maker or Media Projects with the Bubbler Instructors, Rebecca Millerjohn, Nate Clark, and Rob Franklin or with community artists and makers.

Please consider how a larger scale project with the Bubbler may work to build your larger school community around making, how it may build momentum for new experiences or how it might put a capstone on an existing experience. This could be a creative storytelling unit for a class or grade level, a mix tape of many voices, a unit in video game design for an after school club, or anything else you can envision.

This project should also consider sustainability. Will teachers be learning the technology alongside the students so they can implement similar projects in future years? Are students being trained as leaders in a new technology to teach their peers? As much as the Bubbler would LOVE to support every classroom, in every school, every year, we have limited capacity and are looking to these experiences as springboards for your programs.

No level of expertise is required to apply, nor do projects need to be fully realized to submit a proposal. The Bubbler team will work with you to set realistic expectations about what is possible in the time you have and give recommendations for the best instructor.

The deadline for this proposal is December 15th. These projects may be proposed for the Spring of 2019 or the Fall of 2019. Please give as many options for timing as possible, as the Bubbler team will be balancing them for other obligations.

Do you have questions please contact Rebecca Millerjohn at the Bubbler at

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