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Making & Learning Resources

Are you a Making & Learning Educator?

 Over the last several years, the Bubbler has become a hub for making & learning in Madison, but also nationally. And we are always learning! Every time we meet with new educators, whether they be in the classroom, in libraries, or at museums, we are amazed at the wealth of knowledge and resources they are eager to share.

Whether you are just getting started, or a seasoned maker educator, we hope these resources are helpful to your programs, spaces, and practices. If you have any questions about making & learning at the Bubbler, feel free to reach out to use using the Connect tab.

Just getting started or redefining your program? Consider these mission & vision setting tools from the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh to start a conversation with your team.

Take inspiration & gather supplies

Through the Making Spaces Project in partnership with Maker Ed and 10 national hubs, we have worked to create a series of resources to help consider the nuts and bolts of what goes into creating makes a makerspace or maker program.

Each program is as unique as the community it serves. We hope these resources help you consider what is the best fit for your community, what to expect when choosing to embark in woodworking or textile creation, or how to mobilize your space.

BUbbler maker kit database

The Bubbler utilizes nearly 20 different maker kits to provide pop up programming across the city of Madison. We have designed these kits over the years with the help of many of our Artists in Residence, summer interns, and fabulous in house librarians.

Many of the kits in the database also include facilitation guide (like this one!) to share materials and instructions, but also best practices to invite open ended learning.

Everything your need to know for projects from basic print making to rubber band powered paper airplanes, to puppet making, to stop rockets. 

fundraising resources

In the 2015 pilot campaign of Making Spaces, the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh assisted in launching 7 successful campaigns with 7 schools. Crowdfunding may be a possible consideration to fund your space. To explore crowdfunding tools, check out the Making Spaces Toolkit to check out the links to past campaigns from out partners below.