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Making Spaces Educators


Expanding making in schools across the nation 

 Google + Maker Ed + Children's Museum of Pittsburgh + 10 regional hubs (The Bubbler!) = Making Spaces

In 2016, the Bubbler at MPL embarked on a project aimed at developing a national strategy to sustainably integrate making into schools across the county. Partnering with Madison Metropolitan School District, we selected 6 schools for our first cohort: Franklin, Sandburg, and Huegel Elementaries, Toki and Whitehorse Middle, and Caital High school. 

We are delighted to be expanding this partnership with two more cohorts of MMSD schools in 2018 & 2019. 

As a hub, the Bubbler provides our schools with development and support to help jumpstart and sustain maker education in classrooms. This includes facilitating professional development around making & learning, connecting schools & community makers to build a mindset & goals for making spaces, and successfully launching crowd sourcing campaigns for schools to raise funds and support. 


Mission and Vision setting tools 


Pieces & Parts Resources 

Maker Ed and our 10 shared hubs have worked to create a series of resources to consider what makes a "maker space". Check out some of these resources and the nuts and bolts of different spaces. 

Check out these other great resources from makers across the country! 

BUbbler maker kit database

The Bubbler utilizes nearly 20 different maker kits to provide pop up programming across the city of Madison.

This database include materials, costs, age levels, and instruction for everything from basic print making to rubber band powered paper airplanes, to puppet making, to stop rockets. 

Explore this resource here

fundraising resources

In the 2015 pilot campaign of Making Spaces, the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh assisted in launching 7 successful campaigns with 7 schools. While we will not be using Kickstarter, these are great examples of successful visions and stories from Making Spaces. Take a look! 

Crowd Sourcing is an optional portion of the Bubbler's Making Spaces program, made possible by the Foundation for Madison Public Schools.