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Diane Endres Ballweg Gallery (3rd Floor)  

liminal grounds/ SUZANNE TORRES


My sculptural aesthetic borrows elements from our physical and natural surrounding and reinterprets them through scale and abstraction. My work brings to mind natural phenomenon, unearthed relics, built environments, and the act of transformation. I create large-scale sculpture and installation that have an evocative presence - suspended from the ceiling, traversing wall and floor, or enveloping the viewer – they appear to exist in a realm of time somewhere between birth and collapse, both degrading and emerging before our eyes.

Constructed from common materials such as clay, rope, wood, cardboard, and cement my work references mummified remnants or fragmented landscapes, breeding both familiarity and instability. Often exceeding human scale, my work has a physical presence and at the same time fragility found in flakes and cracks of unfired clay that coat the skeleton of its structure.

It exists in a state of flux, conjuring notions of transformation and evolution, and can be read as a metaphor to increasing instability in Earth’s ever-evolving natural environments. The potential for decay and ultimate recycling of much of my work means that it only exists for a short while before succumbing to its fate, inevitably it returns to dust, the element of time an existential determiner.


Mystery, murder & mayhem: The Paperback book cover art of H. lawrence hoffman     1940-1948


100 Arts

Ady Stahl


I grew up on a ranch in southern Colorado with six sisters. With so many kids, the parental supervision was diluted and I got away with pillaging three generations of stuff as my media treasure box. It was there that my curiosity and thirst for experimentation was fostered. Between my rancher/inventor/mechanic father and sew-anything, cook-anything, grow-anything mom; I was exposed to a multitude of techniques and skills that aide me every day in the creation of a diverse collection of art. 

In an large family, working with my hands was an essential thing that I was expected to do from an early age. We didn't have much so we found ways to take what was around us and turn it into something useful or lovely. In a nutshell, that is still what I do. Most of my work is the result of me taking what is laying around and making something useful or lovely out of it.  

My themes tend to revolve around things that shape identity: location, objects, gender, age, beliefs, or experience.

Kailey Barthel

Kailey Barthel is a contemporary artist, working primarily in painting, drawing, and printmaking. Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Barthel studied Fine Arts and Latin at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She currently lives and works in Madison, WI, where she is an artist in residence at 100state.

Mike L'roy


This is reality. While many white people have the privilege of ignoring racial disparities and the killing of unarmed black men, this is a reality for countless black communities around the U.S. including Madison, WI. The aim of my piece “Don’t Shoot” is twofold. For those who have had the privilege of ignoring these gross injustices, I hope to startle, shock, and interrupt your reality. By visually representing the militarization of police through a painting, one cannot keep scrolling through a timeline or find another news station to watch; I will not allow this reality to escape without stirring emotion and provoking reflection. My second aim is to empower black individuals who are feeling angry, forgotten, and demonized by the mainstream narrative. Art is a positive outlet for expression, emotion, and activism. When viewing my piece, I challenge you to reflect on your identity and engage in meaningful, critical, and genuine dialogue with others about the social and political causes that have led to actions like the one depicted in “Don’t Shoot.”

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collections of home / JULIETTE WALKER





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