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Diane Endres Ballweg Gallery (3rd Floor)

40: Collages By Kevin Henkes - KEVIN HENKES

Kevin Henkes writes and illustrates award-winning children’s books for a living. While best known for books like Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse and Kitten’s First Full Moon, when he’s between books or working on his novels, he finds himself needing to make something with his bands. Often, this means collages. This is his first exhibition of this kind.

The 40 abstract collages to be displayed in the Diane Ballweg Gallery at Madison’s Central Library were made in over the past four years with paper that he’s saved from the 1980s, when he was working with Walter Hamady as an undergraduate at UW-Madison.

A Madison-native, Henkes has a strong connection to the library. A frequent presenter at the Wisconsin Book Festival, Madison Public Library and the Bubbler are excited to host this show highlighting his breadth as an artist.

From Caldecott to Collage: Kevin Henkes unveils 40 new abstract collages for an exhibit at Central Library by Brian Rieselman in the Isthmus (April, 2016). 


Those Four Sisters 'Next to the Mounds' - Ray Easley

The Spiro Mounds are a Native American, archaeological site found 8 miles outside Spiro, Oklahoma. Down the road from the Mounds lived four sisters. The only names for them known in the region are Critter, Sue boo, Brenda Louise and Gail Bell. The four were unstoppable in their own right, punishing the locals with fierce recognition to never surrender. Some say the four gain their powers from the Mounds while others believe them to be descendants to the Chief. The four sisters still live close to the Mound’s; to this day no one knows their real names. 

Ray Easley holds an MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2014) and a BA from the University of Houston (2012). Easley’s notable publications are TIMBER Magazine from University of Colorado-Boulder, CO, Lovey Town’s exhibition Series Volume 5  ‘We Got Spirit Yes We Do’, and ARTDOSE a ‘Wisconsin art guide’. This year Easley had his first solo show at Fayetteville Underground Gallery in Fayetteville, Arkansas. He lives and works out of Fall River, WI with his wife Trish Easley and dog Rock-O.


inanimate - Cassie marie Edwards


My recent paintings explore boundaries.  They float in the space between the genres of landscapes, portraiture, and still life.  They engage in a conversation between high and low art. These works also explore the limits of representation – posing the question:  How far-removed can a painting be before it ceases to represent the original subject?

I am attracted to the figurines because of their personalities – they are strange, comical, and slightly discomforting.  This body of work lies somewhere between still life and portraiture – it borrows from each, but doesn’t fully conform to either genre.  I choose to isolate the figurines in a simple environment to focus on conveying the personalities of these non-living objects.



Brandon Norsted

Kandy Watson

Mackenzie Reynolds






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