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Media Lab Community Project Form

If you could work with community media experts (filmmaking, audio recording, video game design, etc.) to create something - what would it be? We're looking for projects that empower a group or organization and positively impact the Madison community.  

This could be a short film for a nonprofit organization, an after-school video game design club, or anything else you can envision. If selected we will pair groups/organizations with a team of media experts to help you develop your project. Media expertise is not required, all levels of experience are encouraged to apply, we are seeking those who are open to working on a team and learning along the way. Teams representing diverse populations are especially encouraged to apply.

There will be multiple application cycles per year. The current application cycle is from March 1st to October 1st 2018. Following the deadline, two projects will be selected for the coming Winter/Spring. All applicants will receive a response back in October 2018.

Do you have questions or need technical assistance with this form? If so please call the Central Library Bubbler Office at 608-266-5975.

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