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Media Lab Personal Project Form

The Media Lab is free and open to the public. We have open lab times on a weekly basis where lab staff can help you with projects. If you have a project that cannot be done during our set open lab times, please fill out the form below. We consider these requests on a case by case basis and will respond to you within one week of your request. We will consider all proposals, but with staff capacity we are unable to accommodate all requests. Generally we need a minimum of two weeks notice to consider any personal projects, in most cases we need up to a months notice to get any projects fully started.

(Note: We do not have the capacity to supply a dedicated film crew or audio producer, play instruments, make beats, or design materials for customers as part of a personal media project. We work to support projects where the customer has a clear detailed project vision and needs some extra time outside of our open lab schedule to fulfill this vision.)

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(Is this for an EP or full album, where do you plan to release it, what kind of music, what is your recording background, etc.)
Please list date range and times.
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Could the public watch the making of your project, or would you need a fully closed off media lab to do it? *