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Media Lab

The Media Lab at Central Library is a free space to explore digital media production in the realms of stop motion animation, 3D world design,  green screen video, audio design and graphic design.


  • The media lab schedule rotates monthly. Here is the list of hours of operation and the expertise of Media Lab staff along with their general schedules in the media lab for Aug 31st-October 31st of 2015.

Media Lab Hours and Schedule

September & October 2015


6pm-8pm Open Media Lab (Sadie, Sarah)


1pm-4pm Introduction to Independent Film Making (Nate)

4pm-6pm Open Media Lab (Nate)


1pm-3pm Open Media Lab (Nate)

3pm-4pm Independent Media Project Consulting (Register Online)

4pm-5pm Independent Media Project Consulting (Register Online)

5pm-8pm Open Media Lab (Matt, Mia)


1pm-4pm Basics of Video Game Design (Nate)

4pm-6pm Open Media Lab (Nate)

6pm-8pm Film Class (Nate & Ruby)


9:30-2:00 Open Media Lab (Nate & Rob)


9:30-2:00 Open Media Lab 

(Saturday Staff Rotates, please check the library calendar listing)


Staff Expertise

Nate – Game Design, Animation, Editing, Digital Art, Film Making

Ruby – Film Making, Editing, Lighting, Camera Techniques

Sadie – Audio Engineering, Live Sound, Recording

Rob – Audio Engineering, Hip Hop, Entrepreneurship

Julio – Audio Engineering, Live Sound, Recording, Sound Design

Sarah - Digital Art

Mia - Digital Art, Photography, Lightroom




  • The Bubbler Calendar lists all Bubbler (and Media Lab) program descriptions, teen camp registration, dates and times.
  • Click HERE for Project Consultation Hours if you want to work on a large project. (link coming soon)