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Media Certification

Media Certification

There is a media certification program for library customers interested in extending their use of media resources outside of normal library open lab hours. If you are interested in being certified to use equipment in the media lab please contact to set up a training session and learn more.

We have media certification in:

DAW - Digital Audio Workstation

Green Screen


Once you have been certified on a certain piece of equipment, we will meet with you to go over basic lab procedures around getting into the lab, starting your session, and leaving the lab. We will also have you sign paperwork related to use and liability of equipment while in the media lab. At this point You can reserve the media lab once a week for up to 4 hours.

Here is a Calendar that shows times blocked and available for library customers to reserve the space.

(embeded calendar)

If you are certified you can fill out this form to request a time slot to work on your project in the media lab. Please note all times must be requested at least three days ahead of time. Once your request is put in we will get back to you within 3 days to confirm that the lab is available to use during the requested time.

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