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Meet your Makers

Summer 2016 Recap

Summer Saturdays at the Bubbler are times to Meet Your Makers! Swing by during the farmer's market to meet local artists, learn about their craft through interactive demonstrations and hands-on activities. All ages and abilities welcome! 

June 25th - Poonam Rao

Poonam's session will explore the practice of creating mandalas and transforming that art form to canvas paintings using acrylics. Mandalas are traditionally created outside of home entrances in India and can also be traced to other parts of the world. The mandala style used in the painting theme for our session today are concentric circles interwoven with detailed traditional motifs from India in addition to influences from the henna tattoo art forms. Drop in any time from 10-1 to meet Poonam, see her work, and create your own designs. 

July 9th - Carli Ihde 

Carli is a professional cartoonist and published comic book illustrator. Her work is highly inspired by the animations and illustrations from Her childhood. Emotion and movement are key the elements in each piece of her art and it is her goal to capture the playfulness and fantasy that can be found in everyday life.

In Carli's workshop you will be learning the helpful tips and tricks you need to utilize to design and create your own character/creature. You will be working through multiple common roadblocks in the creation process and she will be sharing with you some fun activities and challenges that can lead to some great design. We will also be playing some fun drawing/creative games that would be fun for any family to do with their children to keep their creativity growing. Anyone involved in the workshop is welcome to draw along with her or to find their own inspiration and ideas from the lesson. At the end she will be giving out each of her drawings done during the class to anyone who would like one.

Join Carli from 10am-11am for an interactive drawing workshop, of drop in from 11am-1pm to interact and learn play games with the animation process.

July 16th - Emida Roller

Emida Roller is a Madison-based muralist, an art educator, and the founder of Wall Designs by Emida  specializing in creating custom mural paintings, faux finishes and decorative painting tailored to clients' style and taste. Born in New York City, Emida, grew up in Nigeria, and was mentored by her father, renowned artist Solomon Irein Wangboje. Emida studied at the University of Benin before returning to the US to obtain her MFA and MA from the University of Illinois. Emida is also currently one of the lead artist at Dane Arts Mural Arts (DAMA) here in Madison.

Drop in to see Emida any time from 10am-1pm to see her at work and help create a large scale community mural. Under her direction, participants will have two choices of painting by scumbling colors together on polytab fabric or cutting and gluing painted polytab fabric to create a large community art piece. 

July 23rd - Forrest Voedisch

Forrest is a Madison mixed media artist that enjoys working with used, new and reclaimed materials. She mostly works with handmade paper, fabric, beads, wire, thread, wool and yarn. Believing that everyone is born creative, her approach to teaching art is to help people to tap into their creativity. 

Tap into your creativity Saturday July 23rd with Forrest! Drop in any time from 10am-1pm to get inspiration from Forrest's work and create your own Mixed Media Bookmark with handmade paper, fabric, ribbon, beads, felt, natural and found materials. An open ended and fun project, this workshop is great for all ages! 

August 6th - Barbara Landes 

Previous Bubbler Artist in Residence, Barbara's current works are colorful, gestural sculptures of handmade paper that twist, wrap, bind, drape and hang. The works are expressive of various human movements and the emotions that give rise to them. She recently has been making collaborative works with my husband Paul Sullivan. You can see some of these works at the Playhouse gallery at the Overture Center.

Drop in any time from 10am-1pm to see Barb at work, handle some of her paper pieces, and learn about the process.  Try your hand at making sheets of paper and add color or imagery with colored pulps and “pulp paints” with to your freshly made sheets. 

August 13th - Hannah Sandvold 

Hannah Sandvold is an illustrator, printmaker, and designer from Madison, WI. For the past several years, she has also worked as an after-school teacher, and has used this experience to fuel a series of comics that highlights the struggle, delight, and randomness that is working with elementary students. Sometimes the littlest moments in life are the most amusing, or most worth remembering, and so sharing her process for documenting these events as well as showing the artistic step-by step for drawing and inking comics is some of what you can expect from this session. Drop in any time from 10am-1pm to meet Hannah, see her work in progress, and create your own illustrations with guidance.