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ONE-DAY POP-UP ART EVENT // Sat. Dec. 10th 11am-6pm
the Madison Municipal Building (215 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Madison, WI)

The Madison Municipal Building will be renovated starting in late December and this gives the public a chance to see the building one last time before the remodel. It also gives artists a chance to display work in a large pop-up exhibition in an empty building. This is an all ages event and will be free and open to the public. MUNICIPAL is organized by The Bubbler at Madison Public Library in collaboration with
Arts + Literature Laboratory, The Apartment Project, and Madison Community Discourse,
with support from The Madison Arts Commission, Dane Arts, and Wisconsin Public Radio!

Click for the Municipal event Facebook page
Questions, Press, Etc. email municipalartshow (at)

MUNICIPAL Participating Artists

Katrin Talbot
Ken Oppriecht
Kids These Days / Audio Art Showcase
Kristine Bjørg Markussen
Kristof Wickman & Evan Gruzis
Larry Stephens
Lesley Numbers
Lewis Koch
Liz Sexe
Lucas Bianchi
Madison Children’s Museum (Jennika Bastian)
Mallory Shotwell (Madison Community Discourse)
Marianne Fairbanks
Marina Kelly & Helen Hawley
Mats Rudels
Matthew Guenette
Michael Duffy
Michael Velliquette
Mona Webb
Niki Johnson
Olivia Gallenberger
P.S. 49
Paige Lyons
Paul Yurkovich
Pete Hodapp
Rebecca Lessem
Richard Fayram
Richard Jones
Rob Lundberg
Roberta Condon
Rocky Horton & Mandy Rogers Horton
Rodney Schreiner
Scott Espeseth
Simone & Max
Socrates Sock Puppet Theater
Spatula & Barcode
Stephen Conrad
Stephen Perkins
Stilt Performers
Sugar Maple String Band
Sylvie Rosenthal
Søren Lyngsø Knudsen
Tara Austin
Taylor Rushing
The Bureau of AudioVisual Instruction
The Municipal Oracle
Thomas Zickuhr
Timothy Brenner
Tom Loeser
Trent Miller
Yvette Pino

Aaron Granat
Adam Villegas
Alaura Seidl
Amy Mietzel
Amy Wencel
Andrew Salyer
Andy Gricevich
Andy Rubin
Angela Richardson
Aris Georgiades
Art & Sons
Artist & Craftsman
Barbara Landes & Paul Sullivan
Barry Carlsen
Bernadette Witzack
Bird Ross
Carlos Gacharna
Chase Boston
Chele Isaac
Chris Murphy
Chris Norris
Christine Olson
Chuck Bauer
Craig Grabhorn
Cricket Design Works
DB Pedersen
Dakota Mace
Dan Severson & Jeanne Grosse (Artworking)
Derrick Buisch & Dale Kaminski
Elizabeth Thorp
Emily Lewis
Erica Hess
Erica Pinigis
Evan Hawkins
Faisal Abdu'Allah
Feeding Farmers
Gabe Strader-Brown
Gail Simpson
Gregg Williard
Jacki Whisenant
Jason Fuhrman
Jason Levy
Jason Ruhl
Jennifer Bastian
Jeppe Søndergård Knudsen
Jeremiah Lewis
Jeremiah Nelson
Jeremy Pinc
Jeremy Wineberg
Jesse Laz-Hirsch
Josh Cohen
Julka Almquist,
Kandy Watson
Katherine Rosing
Katie Schaag


Graphics by:  Art & Sons

Graphics by: Art & Sons