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Night Light

Night Light is our monthly after-hours series at Central Library that rotates between music, theater, dance, storytelling, performance art, and other live happenings.  Night Light will usually be on the first Friday of the month, but we will occasionally shift the night, so keep your eyes peeled. We're also partnering with our friends at Forequarter to offer amazing drinks at our Night Light events.  

Upcoming Night Light Events:

September 11th, 2015

By the time we figure out our reality, it may be too late. Calculations, Abstractions and Silence s the result of a social experiment that TetraPAKMAN has been running in Madison for the last nine months, by asking the community to participate in gathering the materials for this show.

As in previous communities where TetraPAKMAN has worked, he began by challenging the community not only to provide the ingredients, but also the medium, the energy and the evidence of what we as a community can do. Or perhaps, of what we cannot.

Our society is so immersed in the consumption process that we are not paying attention to the waste effect, energy and matter, we are so comfortable with the “throw away” idea ­­ even though deep down, we know there is no “away.”

Clocks in Motion

An adventurous contemporary percussion ensemble repertoire, Clocks in Motion consistently performs groundbreaking concerts which involve performance art, theater, and often the construction of new instruments. An Affiliate ensemble with the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Music. 

With New Video Art Piece Moving Portraits by Carli Ihde

The goal of my ongoing project, Moving Portraits, was to identify the slightest movement that defines you as a person and capture it through an animation. The style came about with the intent to mix the precise and smooth aesthetic of rotoscope, with the loose and emotional lines of a sketch. Each hyper detailed frame takes anywhere between 10 to 45 minutes and each animation ranges from 13 to 90 frames per movement.

NOVEMBER Madison Storytellers

DECEMBER: Of Beards and Men


Previous Night Light Events

OCTOBER: Gallery Night


JULY: Gravity and Ghost Stories from Camp BubblerAll is not right at Camp Bubbler… legend has it after the incident with a top heavy card catalog and tragic death of the Librarian all those years ago, mysterious things have started happening on the anniversary of the gruesome event each July. Campers take heed Night Light is about to go Dark…. Joined by horror movie mogul Adam Rockoff with his new book The Horror of it All and awing new art opening with Gravity Shifts by Jeremy Wineberg. 

JUNE: An evening with the Madison Storytellers. Stories from the Madison community on the theme of "The last time I ever..."on a beautiful summer night. Including a rousing poem about socks, told in bare feet no less. Button making, community art from Artist in Residence Private/Public, and summer cocktails by forequarter. Night Light at its best. 

MAY: Gallery Night featuring artists Suzanne Torres, Caroline Hoffman, Juliette Walker, and Artists in Residence from 100 Arts: Ady Stahl, Kailey Barthel, and Mike L'Roy. Sculpture, collage, and multimedia art pieces on display through out the building. Drinks by Forequarter and a beautiful view of Gallery Night festivities around downtown from the 3rd floor gallery windows. 

APRIL: Madison Community Discourse and The Bubbler at Madison Public Library bring you: SPRING FLING an evening of dancing, drinking and delight. A 1920’s themed speakeasy soiree. 

MARCH: Attend an art opening throughout the Central Library featuring artists Jim Escalante, Lewis Koch, Shannon Troxler, and Aaron Laux. Bring your creative self to learn, share, create…. and plant. Beat off the winter blues and welcome spring with a variety of green projects to create and take home. With crafts and supplies by Anthology, arts and crafts supply store owned by crafty sisters Sachi and Laura Komai.  Spring Prints with previous Bubbler Artist in Residence Craig Grabhorn. Also, The Dream Collectors, our new March Artist in Residence kick off event! Refreshing Spring Spritzers and Cocktails from Forequarter. 

FEBRUARY: The Owls Are Not What They Seem presenting Brad Dukes, author of Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks. Also featuring artist in residence Craig Grabhorn and other local artists for a screen printing party. Patrons were invited to bring their own t-shirts, canvas bags, etc to be printed. Plus: Music (Roadhouse-style), donuts stacked to the sky, coffee (black as midnight on a moonless night), and pie that is worth a stop. Costume Contest for their favorite character. An amazing Lynchian event. 

JANUARY - Madison Story tellers & New Art Opening featuring artists Kimberly Benson, Poonam Rao, and Craig Grabhorn with two-dimensional explorations of color, shape, medium, and culture. Also, Gabe Strader-Brown, Robert Aiosa, and Dean Allen with sculpture. With the addition of new digital media, designed by media lab experts and patrons. 

DECEMBER - Album Release: Rob Dz "Good Guy Memoirs" Listening Party

NOVEMBER- Art Car Derby curated by Artist-in-Residence Justin Bitner / November - December Art Openings featuring Julie VonDerVellen, Chris Murphy, Kent Williams, Keith Nelson, Max Puchalsky and Simone Doing.

OCTOBER  - A Sudden Light: Talk and Book singing with author Garth Stein

SEPTEMBER - Madison Storytellers / Art Opening by Jayne Reid Jackson, Katrina SchaagKemper Smith, Nathan Fritz, and a Sesquicentennial Portfolio released by Andrew G. Balkin (the Portfolio showcases prints by fifteen renowned artists all with ties to Wisconsin)

JULY - Act of Love Variety Show / Music by The Flavor that Kills and Cowboy Winter / Art Opening by Sarupa Sidaarth, Chuck Bauer, and Christine Olson 

MAY - Bubbler Made/Fashion Show

APRIL - Praying Drunk Reading and Book Signing with Kyle Minor

MARCH -Arts Extract Podcast Curated Music with Cap Alan & Lens/ Art Opening Briony Morrow-Cribbs

FEBRUARY 7th 7-11pm Poetry with Mark Wunderlich/ Music with Clocks in Motion / Interactive Art Show Opening / Drinks with Forequarter

JANUARY - Sherlock sneak peak premiere with Wisconsin Public Television and Library as Incubator Project

DECEMBER - Madison Storytellers / Drinks with Forequarter

Check out the stories here.

NOVEMBER - Sign Painter's Movie & Book Signing with Faythe Levine & Sam Macon/ Live Sign Painting / Drinks with Forequarter