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Diane Endres Ballweg Gallery (3rd Floor)

blue earth angels - ROMANO JOHNSON

 November - December

Romanon Johnson wearing "Jessie Jackson"

Artist statement

“Mama says son, where’d you get that curly hair from, riding

in that ’55 Chevy.

Mama says son, you dance like a ’55 Chevy, dancing with

the girls at the prom,

Me and the fellas love dancing with the girls like a ’55 Chevy.” 

"I have been making art since I was fourteen. I want people to  see happiness and joy for all families when they look at my work. When I draw a face, I want the viewer to feel a happiness that makes them want to clap their hands for all  the faces in the world.  I want to someday design clothes—suits, dresses, and cut hair. Working on my artwork makes me feel happy especially when I’m doing something different with the colors and design."

Romano Johnson is a self-taught artist with who was born with a cognitive disability. Romano’s large paintings and drawings are complex and wildly colored, and often feature glitter and other mixed media. Romano frequently also paints on clothing for himself and his collector base. Romano works out of the Artworking studio, which is a program that provides career support for artists with disabilities. Romano was born and raised on the north side of Chicago. At the age of twelve, he moved to Madison WI, where he lives and works today.




Featuring work from twenty different artists, The Pynk Phoenix Exchange is an collective exhibit of each artist's interpretation of a pynk phoenix. Visit their facebook page for more information and works-in-progress.