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Program Information Form

Please fill out this form for the program that you are working on with the Madison Public Library Bubbler Program. If we have any questions we will contact you. Thanks so much for taking the time to fill this form out, it helps us to promote your program and to do our best to make it a success!

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Please list all AV requirements including laptop, projector, dvd player, tv, etc. that you will need for your program. If you have no AV requirements simply write "NO AV REQUIREMENTS". We will contact you if we are unable to offer the equipment that you request here. We may also contact you to schedule a training depending on the equipment requested.
Please list any materials that you would like us to provide for your program (glue, pencils, scissors, etc.) If you do not need us to supply any materials write "NO MATERIALS NEEDED" and we will assume that you are providing your own materials. If we are unable to provide the materials requested we will contact you.
Please list any other information that will help us to make this program a success.