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Media Lab


Maya 2014:  Primary animation and creation software for video games and film. Used for animation, 3D modeling and 3D world building. Hardware: custom PCs.

Unreal Engine:  Most popular and powerful game engine that combines all the assets of a game into a playable peice of software. Hardware: custom PCs.

Pro Tools 11:  Audio editing software used in most major recording studios. Used to master tracks, create beats and publish audio. Hardware: sound booth & digital audio workstation, Mac Pro

Adobe Photoshop:  Digital creation software used for photo editing, image manipulation and digital painting. Also used in video game design for character design and creating textures.  Hardware: custom PCs, Macs.

Adobe Premiere Pro:  One of the most popular editing tools used in the film and television industry. Used to edit footage, combine clips, dub audio and more.  Hardware: custom PCs, Macs, green screen.

Adobe After Effects:  Designed specifically to add special effects to footage.  From Green screen replacement to creating digital rain effects, it is the main special effect tool used in the film and television industry.  Hardware: custom PCs, Macs, green screen.

Stop Motion Studio:  Combines single frames into an animation with helpful tools like the onion skin layover, green screen function and audio layers.  Hardware: iPad stop motion stations.

I Can Present: Live chroma key application.  Hardware: Macs, green screen.

Djay 2: Digital turntable app that connects to the real turntables.  Hardware: iPad, turntable, sound booth & digital audio workstation.

iMovie:  Basic movie editing tool.  Hardware: Macs, iPads, green screen.

GarageBand:  Basic music editing tool.  Hardware: Macs, sound booth & digital audio workstation.

Dropbox: An easy way to share larger files through the cloud.  Hardware: iPad animation stations.