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Thurber Park FAQ


Still have questions that remain unanswered, please reach out to Trent Miller at

What is the length of the residency? 11 months (residency anticipated from September 1, 2019 - July 31, 2020)

Can I live within the Thurber Park Studio? Sorry to say, the space is not legally zoned as a residential space.

Will I have 24 hr access to the studio? Yes!

What’s inside the Thurber Park Studio? Slop sink, toilet, electricity, heat, basic concrete floor, basic overhead lights and workspace. It’s nothing fancy, but we love it and hope you will too!

Is there Wi-Fi in the Thurber Park Studio? Not currently, but if a resident chooses to, they can have internet installed for the duration of their residency. Monthly internet costs would be paid for by the artist.

What is the funding for this project?
$6,500 Artist Stipend for 11 months
FREE Studio and utilities covered (heat, water, electric)
$2,850 Materials Budget for community-focused programming & engagement
$18,400 Public Art Piece*
$27,750 Total

*mock up, materials, fabrication, and installation. The selected artist will create a budget plan around this amount which includes artists work time, materials, engineering, design, and sub-contracting

What does “programming with the community” look like? The selected artist will work with community groups to run at a minimum one monthly program during the residency. The Bubbler Program at Madison Public Library, with long-running experience facilitating residencies and connecting artists to the public, will work with the artist to make initial connections and then the artist will set programs with targeted groups.

On the application is notes a website is required, is this in fact a requirement for the application?
An artist website is not a requirement to apply, you can submit a link to Instagram, Flickr, or other platforms instead. Ultimately the jury will be looking for something that captures the breadth of your work as an artist.

What does the Public Art Piece process look like? Once selected the artist will work with the City of Madison’s Arts Program Administrator to connect with stakeholders in the community related to the public art piece. There will be meetings and discussions around the piece and then the artist will mock up a plan. The plan will then go to Madison Arts Commission for approval, following approval the artist can begin fabricating and installing the piece.

Is the final public piece intended to a permanent/ year round installation?
Yes. It is a commissioned, permanent piece that is outdoors all year.

Does the Public Art Piece have to be a community-made?
Not necessarily. The idea around the Public Art Piece and location should be informed by community input and feedback, but we know that having a public piece constructed by the community is not always the best option for a public art, especially within the desired timeline. The artist is welcome to make an artwork constructed by the community if that is the best option for their project.