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USgathering Project

About New Meadowridge Library's Art Project

Funded by a Public Arts Projects grant from the Madison Arts Commission, Artist Victor Castro will create a sculpture in collaboration with the Madison community to be installed in the new Meadowridge Library as part of the rebuild process. Castro will create and install what he calls a “community-generated sculpture” in the walkway of the new library made by used empty Tetra Pak boxes, the material used for cartons of liquid foods like broth or shelf stable milk.

“Community engagement and teamwork are crucial to each of the projects, as the people we collaborate with gather, process, and transform materials, building a sculpture piece by piece, while also making decisions about the final result,” says Castro. “Each member of the community chooses her or his own level of involvement in the projects, all are welcome”

this sculpture will create a magnetic and interactive entry point for  the new library once its expansion is complete in 2014.

Castro is currently hosting workshops to involve the public in design and preparing materials for the new work. Community members are invited to participate in each stage of the process from design, to material collection, and installation. Watch the Bubbler Calendar and the micro-site of the project for opportunities to be involved.

How to Participate in the project collecting your Tetra Paks:

If you are interested in participating, just follow these instructions, The used boxes will be transformed in art material for the piece. We need all of them to be clean and dry. You can bring them to any of the Madison Public Library Branches and ask for the gathering point #WEgather.


These are some images of our process and projects, if you want to see everything about the New Meadowridge Library's Art Project go to this link

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