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Permanent Collection

Central Library

New Art 

Ashley Lusietto She Herself

Sharing a dance with another person temporarily merges the souls, as two bodies move as one. Dancers connect hand to hand, cheek to cheek, chest to chest. A shared awareness of one another’s movements is at times so perceptive that it feels like the sharing of a mind. I’ve envisioned Argentine tango, famously a dance for two, as a dance between me and myself. The self portrait of the artist as dancer in various moments of leading and following explores the multiple self theory of personality, which proposes that the individual mind contains different sets of thoughts, desires, feelings, and behaviors organized into different selves. She Herself depicts moments of connection, harmonious to dissonant, within a self-relationship.


Roberto Behar & Rosario Marquardt (R&R Studios)  Question Mark


Heath Matysek-Snyder  Stack 1.25 (Kominy Series)


Niki Johnson   Stacked


Tom Loeser & Dave Chapman   Willow Pods


Hongtao Zhou     Book Club Bench


Sofia Arnold    Untitled 


Derrick Buisch     Untitled


Niki Johnson   Daily Exchange

Existing Art  

Aaron Bohrod    Untitled    (1965)   About

O. V. Shaffer    Hieroglyph  (1965)   About

Antonio Testolin    Overcoming Bias  (1965)

Jim Spitzer    Untitled   (1965)

Edward Berge     Wildflower    (Early 20th Century)   About