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NOVEMber / December 2014

november 7th - January 1st

Diane Endres Ballweg Gallery (3rd Floor)  

NEW WORK / Keith Nelson & Kent williams 

Nelson composes the sculptural collages that he will be exhibiting with the approach of a painter.  He carefully considers the combination of his flat, found materials while randomly juxtapositioning the fields of color. His impermanent groupings of geometric planes build upon one another to create cohesive compositions of calmness and order that are reminiscent of both a Giorgio Morandi canvas and a minimalist sculpture.

Williams, a former award-winning quilter, brings this background to the forefront of technology through his digital prints. Using an intricate process of slicing and splicing, Williams creates dimensionality in his work much like that of Op Art, tricking the eye with inventive use of line and color. He references the story told by the many patterns found all around us.

Video Art Screen (1st Floor)

Once Effigy / Max puchalsky & simone Doing

Simone Doing and Max Puchalsky’s video painting, Once Effigy, is a piece that places traditional narratives from the past and the present into critical conversation with each other quite literally, as images of a Vilas Zoo brown bear are placed over the image of Bear Mound Park, the site of a Late Woodland bear effigy mound.

1st Floor Exhibition Space

EpilogueJulie vondervellen

Epilogue, new work by Julie VonDerVellen.  Three-dimensional cross-sections of trees made entirely of paper have formed out of VonDerVellen’s exploration into how we visualize time.  The artist’s interweaving of the paper from recycled books, the material for many of these delicate pieces, strongly adheres to her ever-present examination into how stories and memories are embedded in physical objects.

2nd Floor Exhibition Space

Carbon compositionschris murphy

Carbon Compositions features intricate mosaics that tell the story of inventions that have greatly impacted the human race.   While portraits of physicists John Bardeen and John Robert Schrieffer allude to these stories, the real storytellers are the repurposed bead-like building blocks of electronics that are carefully placed in a pointillist fashion to create lines that lead the eye through each composition.




Call for Artists:

Central Library Art Shows: January 15, 2015 deadline

(PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for applying has been extended from the previous December deadline. If you already submitted your application, and would like to make changes to it, please send updates to madisonbubbler(at) )

Click here to apply

Upcoming Central Library Exhibitions: 


  • January 9th - February 19th
  • Opening Night: January 9th
  • Poonam Rao, Kimberly Benson, Gabe Strader-Brown, Robert Aiosa and Dean Allen

March / april

  • MARCH 6th - April 23rd
  • Opening Night: March 6th
  • Jim Escalante, Lewis Koch, Shannon Troxler