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Diane Endres Ballweg Gallery (Third Floor)

WOmen’s Work

Organized by: Bird Ross and Brenda Baker 
Exhibition on display: October 4th through November 22nd, 2019


Women’s Work: Forward Art Prize 2019 Applicants

Women have used their artistic talents, voices, and creativity since the beginning of time. So how could it possibly be true that only .5% of all recorded history centers on women’s ideas, views, expressions, or experiences? And that only 4% of all artwork in museum collections worldwide was created by female artists? Or worse still, that in 2019, a paltry 11% of all art acquired by the country’s top museums in the past decade was made by women?

Women’s Work gives women’s artistic expression the center stage it deserves. The women in this show are all applicants for the first ever Forward Art Prize, a new annual unrestricted grant for women artists that seeks to create greater gender arts parity in Dane County. The first recipients of the Forward Art Prize will be announced on November 8th at the Chazen Museum of Art.

Women’s Work, the Forward Art Prize and The Women Artists Forward Fund are all products of a larger social practice piece called “Being Forward” that began in 2017 by Madison artists Brenda Baker & Bird Ross, based on the astounding story of Jean Pond Miner and her sculpture “Forward” that stands in front of the State Capitol. Miner’s work and the revolutionary women who financially supported her practice back in 1893 were the inspiration for this multifaceted project, which also includes a growing collection of black and white photographs of contemporary women artists and philanthropists in our community who seek gender parity.

If you would like to help support and grow the fund, please go

second floor Gallery

Jaymee Harvey Willms, Melissa Dorn, and Kate Schaffer

Exhibition on display August 2nd through November 25th, 2019

17_Dorn Richards_mop IV.jpg

Recall, Remake, Reduce

Recall, Remake, Reduce is an exhibition dedicated to three female abstract artists that focus in on the world and the things that shaped them. In this exhibition viewers will take on three different visual perspectives on feminism, abstraction, place, time and domesticity. Each artist will challenge these 5 ideas in different ways. 

Melissa Dorn Richards zeros in on the banal and reexamines the world of objects we live in. Kate Schaffer tears apart time and space, she then rebuilds it to allow the viewer to consider a new perspective. Jaymee Harvey Willms uses layers of repeated patterns and shapes and story-based imagery to challenge the fairytales of childhood and monotony of adulthood.
Together these three women provide a window into the lives of women in Washington County. They document the challenges, celebrations, humors and dark side of womanhood in Wisconsin as well as a broader scope into the lives of American women today.


Video piece on display at Central Library until November 30, 2019


coley mixan is a video+performance artist, musician, public library activist, and joy-filled go machine. following a series of clues, hunches and down right spacey-shenanigans their work is an (g)astronomic athleticism that sleuths for a secret recipe to deconstruct the patriarchal, capitalist and colonized glaze dripping across intersectional pastries. mixan is an earth-bound representative for F.I.B.E.R. (feminists improving boundless, eternal rock ‘ roll), a local and intragalactic organization, best known for its ability to relieve white, patriarchal & capitalist constipation/conspiracies.